Monday, January 9, 2012

How did it get here?

To get a slab of granite from Brazil to your home is not an easy task. To get the typical 10' X 6' slabs you see in our yard can take many months and thousands of miles. 
As with most rocks, granite starts as molten lava that has been under high pressure for a very long time. The molten lava will cool and eventually form granite. 
Simple right?
Well to get it from the ground to slab form can be not only pricy, but very time consuming. I recommend watching this brief youtube video to get a good visual of how it is broken into small pieces. This is a how its made video that explains a lot of the mining process.

Below is another good video that shows a little more of the mining process:
These videos should give you a good idea of what is involved with the mining process. 
It is amazing to think about the equipment it takes to moves such heavy pieces of stone. They are usually specially made for granite work, and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also, think about all the diamonds that it takes to make up a saw blade or a polishing mat for one of these. It is simply amazing that granite can be a cheap as it is in the states despite all the hands that have to touch it.

Why are we here?

Every business has a reason they are open; some are open for profits, some are open to help employees, some are here to change the world. At Rock Bottom Granite, we think it is important to share with the community about why we sell granite.

The answer is simple: To Help the less fortunate.

First off, if you have never been, I would recommend you start by going to this website:; these children are the reason we are still here today selling you stone. We have taken a vested interest in these children, and we work everyday to make their experiences in the Guatemalan childrens home a foundational part of their lives. Kent is always happy to share his experiences at the orphanage to anyone with an open ear, and we hope you will help us here at Rock Bottom with our endeavor to keep these children smiling. Kent is happy to receive donations, and will make sure they get into the right hands, or you can go to the above website, and donate online.

We think it is extremely important to help those less fortunate. We have been blessed in this country with a chance to help others with our time and our money. A portion of all sales at Rock Bottom go directly to the orphanage, and FOCE (friends of children everywhere). We hope you will help us join hands to make the lives of children around the world better by donating or buying granite though us.

If you have any questions, always feel free to ask.